Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wine about the weather.

Yesterday I took up drinking red wine, for the health benefits, of course. I had a glass of semi-sweet German red wine, during the horrendous storms we had here that spawned several tornadoes.
I lamented that the single glass of wine wasn't really helping me to 'relax' though. I understand that may have been expecting a little too much from my first glass of wine. The storms were really bad and tornadoes were all around us.

The storms ended up passing by to the north, and to the south of us while we were in the middle of the whole scary mess. But the tornadoes left us alone. I don't think it's completely unrealistic to say that the wine saved the day.  Now while I may not have scientific studies to prove that theory I do have the following facts.

1. There were bad storms headed our way.
2. I drank a glass of red wine.
3. The storms missed us.
4.  Wine has proven health benefits.
5. It's a health benefit to avoid tornadoes.

You may feel there is little merit to my theory that the single glass of wine I consumed during that storm had any positive affect on the weather.

However, the weather folks predicted that today would see the same bad weather patterns move through here.

I had another glass of wine.

The storms did not come.

Coincidence? I think not!

Tonight I had some Italian sweet red wine.  I think I am onto something here. At the very least, more research is needed.

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